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‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming’ Review: Tyler’s Hard Lemonade

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Midway via “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming,” there’s a gag that captures the humor of Perry’s multimedia Madea franchise. Perry halts the plot for a black-and-white flashback the place his short-tempered, unfiltered titular matriarch tells the story of how she kick-started the Civil Rights motion by threatening her man’s mistress, Rosa Parks, who then took sanctuary on a Montgomery bus. As proof, Madea brandishes a photograph she took within the second on her smartphone. “My aPhone,” she says, “because they didn’t have iPhone back then — it was A before I.” It’s unapologetic, irreverent nonsense — nevertheless it ought to get fun, so why not? Perry, who claimed that he would retire his signature character after 2019’s “A Madea Family Funeral,” has resurrected Madea, it appears, in that very same spirit: just because he can.

This installment finds Madea internet hosting her great-grandson’s (Brandon Black) faculty commencement social gathering. The occasion is known as a pretext for a dozen members of the family to bust one another’s chops; to cackle when Mr. Brown (David Mann) units himself on fireplace. It additionally provides Madea an viewers to which she will be able to voice her conflicting emotions concerning the Black Lives Matter motion: She’s aggravated that her granddaughter Ellie (Candace Maxwell) grew to become a police officer, threatening Madea’s weed stash, however she’s equally irked at the concept that protesters might burn down her nook liquor retailer.

The script has plot twists so cuckoo they make cleaning soap operas look cowardly. Perry has even labored in a go to from his across-the-pond cross-dressing counterpart, the Irish comedian actor Brendan O’Carroll, who performs the bosomy Agnes Brown on the Irish sitcom “Mrs. Brown’s Boys.” As the movie speeds to a slapdash decision, you would possibly miss Perry’s one good speech about love — “Stop building them walls and build you some fences” — which might’t counterbalance a half-dozen hopelessly ridiculous ones. He’s apparently in a rush to get to the top credit sequence, the place he alters into short-shorts and a blonde wig to lampoon the 2019 Beyoncé live performance movie “Homecoming.” Is there a motive this occurs? Probably simply because he can.

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming
Not rated. Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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